Sun. May 28th, 2023
Demi Burnett

Cute and comical Demi Burnett has some fun new TikTok videos where she lip-syncs to some popular TikTok trends and tells fans she wants us to use our power for good and kindness. Quirky as always, Demi is a proud advocate for Autism, ADHD and PDA. 

Let’s Gentle Parent Each Other 

Wearing beige glasses with her hair down, Demi’s bangs perfectly shape her face as she sits in her room in front of the camera and says ‘this filter is phenomenal.’ She then gets serious (well as serious as she gets) and talks about not commenting so quickly and aggressively and instead taking that power and being good and kind with it. She speaks passionately and ends the video saying that she’s even scared to post this because of all the rejections and comments it might get. Don’t worry Demi – we love your quirkiness and positive energy! She captions the clip ‘can we gentle parent each other?’

When I Look Like This 

Wearing white pants with light purple swirls on them and a matching halter top, Demi stands in front of the camera with her hands on her sides as she lip syncs saying ‘the castings department f’in eat me the f up if I looked like this.’’She holds her hair up and sways a bit while she gives us some intense attitude. 

What If I Don’t Want To Live The Way You Live 

With her hair pulled back in a bun and her signature bangs falling just over her glasses, Demi does a little lip-sync comedy sketch that has us in pieces. First, she looks concerned at the camera as she says ‘ what if I don’t want to live the way you live?’ And the text reads ‘my friend that I’m trying to talk into quitting alcohol.’ The video then cuts to Demi playing another character with her makeup running down her face. She says ‘don’t be ridiculous Andrea, everyone wants to live like this,’ as the text reads ‘me, a year and a half alcohol free, suffering from crippling anxiety and no social life.’