Sun. May 28th, 2023
Demi Rose

The voluptuous Demi Rose share her latest body maintenance with fans! The popular influencer took to her Instagram Stories to share four videos of the tantalizing treatment! Let’s check it out:

Demi Rose Gets A Cellulite Treatment

Here we see Demi at the Shane Cooper’s clinic getting a Bespoke Cellulite treatment on her fanny. She laughs saying, “We’re going hardcore.” What’s really hardcore is the bra and panty set she’s rocking for this!

Aqua Tight Body Treatment To Get Her Body Beach Ready!

Up next we hear Demi say that she’s getting the Aqua Tight Body treatment to get her body beach ready! We see the technician using a small wand to go over Demi’s booty, but I swear all we can focus on are those smokin’ hot panties! We love her confidence!

Demi Rose Keeps Her Skin Tight

In this next clip Demi states that this stage of the process she’s getting microdermabrasion to smooth out the texture of her skin. This must be one of her trade secrets for keeping her body so tight!

Very Therapeutic

In the last video in the series Demi says that a body peel is being applied. We can see her technician using a tiny brush to apply the solution. We think this step might tickle or perhaps just feels really good, as we can hear Demi let out a tiny “hmph” noise before the camera cuts off. Keep doing what you’re doing Demi! It’s definitely working!