Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Dua Lipa

Red – ‘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹’

Dua Lipa

About 2 weeks ago, Dua Lipa shared this saucy picture in red on her Instagram account.

Her caption was simply red roses, which appropriately matched her outfit. The off the shoulder, tied up on one side selection had fans chattering away in the comments.

“Love the New Years dress!!!! See you in 2022!!! XXXXXX”

“I love you so much you are amazing”

“So much love”

Dua Lipa Kills In Red, So We Had To Do Two – ‘another place I call home 🌷’

Dua Lipa

In this post Dua’s caption was ‘another place I call home 🌷’

High above the street, leaning back on a brick balcony she showed off her vibrant red dress. A string of pearls resting just above her collarbone completed this stunning look.

“Precious diamond.”, one fan commented.

Another gave praise her to voice, “You are the place where I found peace ❤️  dua you’re so beautiful and your voice is the most beutiful i’ve ever heard :)”

Others wanted to see more of that dress, “I wanna see more pics with ur red dress 💔💀”

Orange – ‘last night 👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼’

Dua Lipa

Now here’s an eye-popping color and look. A sizzling orange suit, with the jacket open revealed her teeny black bikini top with a few strings woven across her chest. Dua Lip had a matching bag hung tightly across one shoulder. Speaking of shoulders, can we talk about THOSE SHOULDER PADS?! Am I right?? Killer!! Fans agreed.

“Very hard look” said one.

Another chimed in with, “Your beauty is irresistible”

“Love.Love.Love.Love.Love.” was the sentiment across the board.

Yellow – ‘goodmornin n goodnight’

Dua Lipa

This yellow old school nighty is definitely a vibe. Here Dua Lipa took a sultry snap in a bathroom mirror, seemingly either after waking up, or right before bed hinted her caption. Along with her outfit, the decor of the room shown is also hella vintage. Fans again sounded off with nothing but positivity.

“The best female singer in the world”

“every time i see you, i’m happier ♡”

“girl you are so cute”

“Hi Du .. U voice is so beautiful it reminds me of the voice of the girl I love”

Green – ‘v me’

Dua Lipa

Very her indeed! We’re green with envy on this one. Her jacket is clearly the main focal point in this shot, but there are so many other elements we need to point out! Boy does she have an eye for perfect photo-ops!

How about how her cellphone perfectly matches the chair she’s in?? Couldn’t have planned that better if she tried.

Her black boots, black dress underneath the jacket, and black bag sync up with the black dots on the wallpaper in the background. Bravo!

Finally, she made sure her bling was also posing for the camera. Those rings give off a gorgeous sparkle, just like she does.

Here is what fans had to say about this one.

“Hey dua, where can I get that coat ??? So pretty”

“Your clothes are the same color as the previous bilie eilish💚😆”

“Break my heart”

“Nothing looks better than Dualipa ❤️😍”

Blue –  ‘🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋’

Dua Lipa

We’re all a flutter here, just like the butterflies on Dua’s top, and in her caption. Jean is the material featured in this look, and it is fire! Baggy jean pants, paired with the cutest jean halter atop her tanned skin instantly transports us back into the 70s. The perfectly placed butterfly cutouts on her bosoms just feels like summer.

“Your a fantastic singer I love your songs especially the song levatating and don’t start now. Your looking cool as always”

“Wow fantastic”

“Such a Barbie OMG 🥰 🥰”

Woodstock Barbie feels the most appropriate match for this look.

Purple – ‘most of these are cropped bc i couldnt see shit – swipe 4 proof’

Dua Lipa

We’re wrapping up our rainbow with a stunner! The sheer, tight dress shown here is the perfect way to end our story. The sun was shining brightly on this particular day, as we can see. However, Dua claims she couldn’t see shit; her reasoning for why the pictures were cropped poorly. Pfff, these are works of art in our eyes! ‘Creatively cropped’ is how we would describe them.

“Can you pls tag the brands cause your style is too 🔥😢”

“None of the comments can justify the cuteness”

“you’re actually perfect”

“Omg dua you are the funniest girl ik”