Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Dumb Ways To Die

Welcome to our brand new series featuring “Dumb Ways To Die” videos! If you haven’t come across this trend on TikTok yet, you’re missing out! It’s like America’s Funniest Home Videos on steroids. Forget about getting kicked in the nuts, these videos take dumb to a whole new level! Check it out:

Car Window


First up we have Colie rolling her face up in a car window. Not sure exactly what she was going for here, but this popular TikTok influencer received over 3.7M views on this video alone. It appears she may have been trying to catch her curly blonde pigtails in the window as it went up. Sadly, she caught her face instead. She captioned the clip with, “My lip was swollen for a week😖”


This video has been circulating TikTok for fews, and while we don’t know who the original creator is, we’re so thankful they captured this on video! A man is seen about to skip a rock, with his kids watching nearby. Looks like some wholesome family fun to us! However, this escalates quickly when one of the boys enters the frame with a HUGE rock in hand. Wanting to be like Papa, he chucks the rock as hard as he can and the video pauses right before poor old dad is knocked the F out.


Last but certainly not least is TikTok creator Splack. As soon as the video starts we know this isn’t going to end well. We instantly see a freakishly large spider on the wall and Slack holding a clear, plastic to-go box. We see Splack hold a finger up to his lips, instructing everyone to be quiet. He takes a moment to build up his courage and then straight up goes for it. He lunges towards the spider with the container in hopes of detaining it. Sadly, the spider had other plans.

Dumb ways to die…