Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Ella Valerius

Ella Valerius is a stunning brunette with short hair and long limbs. While we enjoy her ta-tas and booty, we love that in all her videos she looks so happy and is obviously having a blast! She really wants to please, and it shows! 

On Her Knees 

Ella smiles in white tights and a tiny top as she holds a coke cola and walks toward the camera. The male behind the clip points down to his shoe that’s untied. Ella gives him her coke and submissively bends down to tie it for him. Meanwhile, he shakes the can. She quickly comes back up and he hands her coke. It explodes all over her hands and her face is shocked but happy.

Open Your Mouth 

Wearing a sports bra that reveals her preciously perfect pom-poms, Ella smiles at the camera as the voiceover says close your eyes. She closes her eyes, and then the voiceover says open your mouth, and she opens her mouth. The voice over then says ‘it’s good, it’s good.’ She leans forward as if putting something big in her mouth (we can imagine what she’s pretending) and then comes back into full view and laughs as if she did something naughty! 

Hey Boys

In a small braless top, Ella’s bent over and smiles at the camera as she lip-syncs. We can see her cleavage before the shot pulls out letting us see her toned figure in white tights. She hops a bit and then continues to sing and turns so we get a view of her fanny. She’s unbelievably confident, cute and flirtatious.