Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Emily Bright

Emily Bright is a cute Australian who is currently traveling around NS on a bus and sharing her experience with fans. Not only is this brunette active on TikTok and Instagram, but you can also find her on OnlyFans where she really shows off her spicy side!

Squished Melons 

Lying down on her belly in her camper van, Emily is enjoying the song as she lip-syncs to the camera. Her coconuts look cozy as they’re all squeezed and squished up – giving us a very reasonable look at her gorgeous assets.  

Helicopter Afternoons 

Following along with a voice over from a popular children’s movie about going to the airport, Emily’s sitting in a car, wearing futuristic sunglasses and a busty white tank top that can barely contain her girls. The shot pans sideways to show a helicopter beside the car that Emily’s sitting in – hinting that she is about to go for a lift. 

Golf Cart Flirts

Emily sits in a golf cart and smiles at her fans as she sings along to to the song playing. She’s wearing loose beige shorts and a white tube top that shows off her flawless tan skin and wraps around her lovely coconuts. She looks stunning in her golf visor with her lightly done make up. She picks up the camera and moves it around the golf cart, singing and flirting and hitting all her angles.