Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Emily Bright

Australian Emily Bright plays around with some trending TikTok transitions, shares a swimsuit shot and dances around with a beer. Check her out: 

Birthday Month 

Wearing a black one piece, Emily looks off to the side as she smiles with her hair up in a ponytail. The one piece hugs her girls and they look large as she rests one hand over top of them. She captions the photo ‘birthday month,’ and then shares some astrology artwork. We wonder when her birthday is…. 

Quick Transformation 

In one of her classic transformation videos, Emily starts the video off wearing a black sweatshirt with her long brown hair down. Then suddenly the music changes and boom she’s got her hair up in two pigtails and is wearing a dark brown corset that hugs her curvy frame. 

Reno Looks 

Wearing track pants and a crop top with long sleeves Emily’s holding a Corona and dancing to ‘sexy chick’ in her bus. She looks like she is getting ready to get to work on some renovations, but is having some fun first!