Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Emily Elizabeth bikini

The OnlyFans good girl Emily Elizabeth is looking fabulous, as always, showing off her amazing body in some new posts. Whether she’s at the beach or lounging at her apartment, one thing’s for sure – she’s always wearing a bikini! 

Emily Says Hi 

Captioning her video, “Hi’ Emily stands in front of her apartment window wearing a sexy black and white bikini. The bikini is high-cut and has underwire – meaning her perky boobs are pushed way up and her silky thighs are bare. She’s leaning to the side and smiling at her fans before sweetly looking left. 

Lighting Up Her Angles 

In the next video, Emily is wearing the same high-cut bikini but this time she’s sprawled out on a beige couch. The sun is casting in on her – illuminating her entire body. She pulls up her bikini bottoms and plays with her hair a bit, giving off a very playful and flirty vibe. She looks ravishing. 

Sunset Vibes

Emily is in Malibu watching the sunset at the beach. She’s sitting on her knees while looking sideways at the camera and smiling. She’s wearing sunnies and a tiny white and purple bikini that shows off her round booty. At the end of the video she opens up her arms so we can see her natural yummy ta-tas better – thanks Emily!