Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Emily Elizabeth bikini

Fan favorite, Emily Elizabeth, is getting some puppy love and the video is adorable. She also takes time to say hi to her 298K followers on TikTok. Let’s see what she’s getting into!

Emily’s Pooch Smooch

Here’s the video that Emily added to her IG Stories. Sitting on a fluffy white couch, she gets some licks from a fluffy white pup. That is one lucky dog. We know fans would love to trade spots with this pup! They say dogs tend to look like their owners. What do you think about these two? They do both kind of have a platinum blonde thing going on here…

Emily Elizabeth Is Living Her Best Life

Here’s a sweet photograph of Emily out to dinner with a foamy, bright yellow drink in her hand. A fan commented, “Love seeing you live your best life”, and she absolutely is! She looks super content smiling into the camera with her head in her hand. We wonder who her dinner date was…

Emily Elizabeth

Emily Says Hello

Last up, here is Emily getting ready to head out for the day. With her purse on her shoulder, she makes a few hair adjustments and smiles big. Her white crop top gives us a peak at her toned tummy as she poses for the camera. She captioned this clip with, “Hi”. She looks ready for the day!