Sun. May 28th, 2023
Emily Elizabeth

Hottie Emily Elizabeth has some new IG posts where she’s eating breakfast poolside and posing in some pretty revealing bikinis. Let’s check her out:

Bikini In Bed

Sitting on a bed and slightly leaning back,  Emily’s modeling a colorful yellow, red, green and white patterned bikini that has a bit of a Spanish vibe. The top ties up around her neck and just covers her girls. Her cleavage is on fire and the top has a jewel hanging from it. The bottoms ride high ip her thighs and we get a really nice glimpse of her bare thighs.

Floating Breakfast!

Sitting in on the ledge of a gorgeous looking pool that overlooks the ocean, the camera is angled down at Emily. She’s wearing a black bikini that cups her girls and rides high. She looks amazing in her braided pigtails as she casts her gaze down at a large floating tray of breakfast.

Bikini Goddess

In this last post, Emily looks divine as she stands in front of the pool looking off in the distance with her mouth slightly parted. She’s got on a crotched white bikini that exposes her cleavage and side boobs. The bottoms just barely cup her muffins. Her lips look glossy and she looks dreamy!