Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Emily Elizabeth

Emily Elizabeth dropped a sexy new set of videos and pictures in a black and white bikini. She’s showcasing her stellar body in some amazing golden hour sunlight that highlights all of her best features. Let’s take a look!

Emily Elizabeth Is Having A Good Day

Here we see Emily in a striking black and white bikini. She’s holding her hair up, smiling, and admiring her own physique. She places her hand on her toned stomach, then hip, and does a slight turn before the clip ends.

Emily Elizabeth Shimmers Like A Disco Ball

Here we see Emily on her knees next to a disco ball. Glittery reflections pepper the wall behind her from the sun hitting the silver mosaic ball. She body glows just as bright! This is another great view of her new bikini and she also appears pleased with the results.

Emily Elizabeth bikini

Emily Elizabeth Is GOLDEN

Last up we see Emily lounging on an extremely soft looking couch in her bikini. It’s that time of day when the sunlight turns golden. The way the sun is casting onto her body, she looks like a piece of art. The light and shadow highlight all the right body parts. She’s so long and lean! She makes a small adjustment to her bikini bottoms and then looks back into the camera intensely. We wish we could be right there with her…