Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Emily Zeck

Emily Zeck is a coastal cowgirl who loves to surf, shape her board and spend time in the sun. When she’s not creating funny content you’ll find her at the beach! Not to mention she’s drop dead gorgeous. Let’s check out her latest posts: 

Best Way To Open A Beer

Wearing a legless orange surf suit with long sleeves, Emily looks great in the flower print. She pairs it with brown cowboy boots and is holding two Budweisers. She then tells us how to do her beer trick: hold the two beers together and give them a tap. Not too hard, not to gentle. She then follows her instructions and taps the beers on her boots and pop! They open right up! She laughs and takes a drink!

Back In The Shop

In a fun video that plays to the song “Home” by Edward Sharp, we see Emily working in her garage shaping one of her boards. The clip starts off showing her sanding away in a loose t-shirt. Then we see her at the beach with her finished product that’s the classic orange flower print that she loves!

A Girl and Her Truck 

Emily Zeck

Here’s a stunning photo of Emily and surprisingly she’s not making any jokes in this post. Instead we see her sitting in front of her truck wearing a yellow flower print bikini with a beige wrap around her shoulders. She’s got on jean and her highlighted blonde hair naturally falls around her face. She’s not smiling but looks happy and gives off a sultry beach vibe.