Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Emily Zeck

In a series of new video clips Emily Zeck is modeling her favorite surf suit that she designed with Pineapple Girls Swimwear! Let’s check it out:

Yeehaw and Aloha

Suited up in her flowers, Emily thoroughly explains her love for the outfit and how it has two modes – yeehaw mode (which is completely zipped up) and aloha mode (which is zipped down). She demonstrates the two and then says that aloha mode is for when you want the girls to have a little sun and yeehaw mode is for when you’re ready to ride some waves!

Golden Hour 

Rocking her favorite suit Emily lip-syncs ‘tell a friend to tell a friend,’ while modeling the suit from all angles. It has long sleeves and a bikini cut bottom and it zips up the middle. She does a little happy dance and looks stunning as she shows it off.  

Matching Everything 

Standing in her garage wearing the same flower print surf suit as the previous videos, Emily tells us that she loves the print so much that she decided to make a matching speaker and a matching surfboard. The video is funny and she looks great with her swimsuit partially buttoned down.