Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Emily Zeck

Emily Zeck entertains fans with a fun story about her recent surfing disaster. She also uploads a new video demonstrating how she installs her fin boxes and a photo from a recent shoot. Let’s check her out: 

Coffee And Rip Currents 

Sitting in her car with her wetsuit zipped down, Emily’s hair is wet and her green eyes are buzzing as she walks us through the worst surf day of her life. It starts with her chugging surgery coffee, getting stuck in a rip current and then being smashed by a big set. We love her enthusiasm and are happy she’s still going to paddle out tomorrow!

Fin Box Installation Day 

Wearing yellow shorts and a cute matching sports bra, Emily has her surfboard in her garage and is ready to install some Fin boxes. It shows her cracking open a drink, lining up the fin boxes and then filling them in. Of course, because her videos are hilarious, we see snippets of her dancing, laughing and just mucking around. 

Coastal Cowgirl 

Emily Zeck

In a new photo, Emily is taking a pause on her jokes as sits in a truck…pondering. In this beautiful photo from a photo shoot, she’s got on an orange floral rash guard paired with a cowboy hat. Her long legs are bare and bent up in front of her on the seat. She looks like she should be in a surf magazine from the 70s.