Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Emily Zeck

Green-eyed beauty Emily Zeck loves to surf, play music and surf some more. While her content is comical, cute and follows some popular TikTok trends, she also posts a lot about her beach life and poses in some pretty cute surf gear. 

Surfing In Heels

The video starts off with an old black and white clip of a woman surfing. The commentary talks about how surfers like their girls in their place – which is on the beach and that when they start riding boards it’s a different story. The clip then shows Emily paddling into (and catching) a decent size wave all while wearing big black high heels! That a girl Em!  She captions it ‘What, like it’s hard?’ 

Don’t Leave Me Alone

The video starts off showing Emily in a cute skater hat and t-shirt. Her lips are glossed as she lips to the audio ‘I left you alone for five minutes and you spent $873.’ The clip then jumps to Emily standing in front of an orange surfboard as she replies ‘you left me alone in a surf shop! 

Coastal Cowgirl Blues 

Grabbing her ukulele, Emily tells us that it’s been sitting on her wall for 5 years but she’s going to give it a try anyways. She then proceeds to sing and it’s amazing! Wearing a white tank top, jean shorts and her hair down with no makeup she’s really vibing the surfer chic look and we could not love it more. Aloha!