Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Esmee Rose

Sexy Esmée Rose has some new videos where she gives naughty girls some sexy advice, asks her fans an important question and dances around in a cute schoolgirl outfit. While she talks dirty and loves to let fans know she’s here to please, her videos are also really funny and they keep us coming back for more!

Legs Open

Sitting on a bed, wearing her signature glasses, tight jeans and a white top that her ta-tas are spilling out of, Esmée leans forward and says “good girls sit like this’ and has her legs closed, she then says ‘smart girls sit like this’ and crosses her legs. Then she adds ‘but girls who sit like this…’ and she opens her legs wide and places her pointed index finger inside her other fisted hand (symbolic of a penis and a cha-cha) and then she snaps her fingers. Her point? Keep your legs open and you’ll have some fun!

Sit On My Face

With her long brown luscious locks flowing over her face she’s wearing her schoolgirl glasses and bent over talking to the camera. Her delicious ta-tas are spilling out of her shirt as she says ‘fellas, when you guys say sit on your face do you mean sit or do you mean hover?’ What a naughty girl, Esmée! 

Promiscuous Girl

In a green turquoise, schoolgirl outfit, Esmée sways her hips back-and-forth to the music with her hips pointed out and legs open. She plays with her hair and looks promiscuity at the camera with her glasses slipping off her face.