Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Esmee Rose

Esmee Rose is a former teacher who now creates teaching content – most of it on the playful side. She has 33.6K instagram followers and loves to play naughty!


Esmee looks irresistible with her hair curled, big brown glasses on, pink lips, schoolgirl skirt and top that barely wraps around her fun bags. Text appears on the screen that says ‘I have a weakness for’ and then she taps and ‘students’ appears, followed by ‘nerds’ and finally ‘rich dads.’ She smiles and we don’t doubt that it’s true!


Esmee’s hair is pulled high up on her head and she’s got on thick framed glasses. She’s got on nothing but a black bra and holding a book. She then puts the book down and lip-syncs to a song that says ‘untouchable, untouchable,’ as she motions around her girls with her hands. 

You’re Super Smart

With her long hair falling in waves around her face, Esmee looks gorgeous wearing clear glasses and a white skirt that is loosely tied in the front with the buttons open. We can see her girls as she nods in agreement to the voiceover that says ‘oh wow, like you’re actually like – I mean your tees are huge but you’re super smart.’ As he mentions her tees, Esmee looks shocked and brings a finger up before the video ends.