Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Esmee Rose

Our favorite teacher Esmee Rose, is always ready to make our day brighter with some special surprises. Fans love Esmee for her promiscuous videos where she doesn’t hold back her desire to please. Let’s see what she’s been up to:

‘My Throat Has Been Itching So Bad Lately…’

Esmee is dressed in a light blue leather outfit with matching bunny ears. She’s sitting on a ledge with her legs open. She’s got on oversized beige glasses and she commands your attention as she looks straight into the camera for some quick dirty talk. 

She says, ‘My throat has been itching so bad lately and the thing that I think that would scratch it the best would probably have to be your c—.” The video cuts off but before we can hear the last word but it’s pretty obvious what Esmee is trying to say!

The Joy That We Have Left In Our Lives

This next video is a sexy joke video. She’s still wearing her rabbit ears and light blue leather outfit, only this time she’s brushing her teeth and making it look extremely sexy. She’s pulling her toothbrush in and out of her mouth, and at one point even moves her tongue quickly all over the bristles. You can only imagine what she’s pretending that toothbrush is. 

At the same time, she’s listening to a voice over that talks about coffee and the pleasures of life. So, what’s the point she’s trying to get across? She is not gonna give up any pleasures in her life! 

Every Day

In the last video, Esme is wearing oversized glasses and a camouflage outfit. The caption reads ‘How often do you need D’ and she sweetly looks into the camera and lip-syncs ‘not all day every day, but every day.’  If you aren’t already drooling you probably are now!