Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Eva Savagiou

Eva Savagiou is a Fashion Nova Ambassador ⁣who loves shaking around for the camera. While most of her videos showcase her giant melons, she knows how to shake her booty too. Recently she’s uploaded some playful clips to TikTok that have her bouncing around her apartment.

Bouncing Boobies 

Wearing short jean shorts and a blue belly top, Eva walks toward the camera with a serious pouty face on. As she walks her giant boobs bounce up and down. Once she’s closer to the camera she plays with her hair before popping her hips to the music. Every move she makes causes her boobs to shake. She captions the video ‘The person you want to become doesn’t listen to the people you’re listening to.’ 

Morning Booty Shakes

In the second video, wearing the same high shorts and busty top, Eva dances to the music while patting her breasts. She then dances around slowly allowing us to see her booty before she shakes and wags it around! She captions the video, “Good morning, say it back?”

Morning Motivation 

Wearing gray sweatpants and a small white tank top Eva shows off her massive round guns while hopping and dancing in front of the camera. While she dances just a little bit, her boobs jiggle around a lot! The song playing is ‘I Party Like A Rockstar F Like A Pornstar,’ so we can vividly imagine what she’s trying to tell us.