Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
Eva Savagiou

Eva Savagiou is a young, super thick influencer that knows how to turn heads.  With just under 1M followers on Instagram, 1.6M followers and 11.3M likes on TikTok, this Athens, Greece born model is making things happen.  Eva has a pretty extensive portfolio including tons of photos, videos, and content that so many can enjoy.  Here’s a few of those that we thought might stand out to anyone with a curious eye.

Girl Next Door

Eva Savagiou

Here is a pretty flawless picture of Eva.  Her slight hint of extra padding is trained to be in all the right places.  Having neighbors in life is almost always a sure thing…We wonder if having a neighbor like Eva would bring up the property value to surrounding residences.  I’m sure anyone lucky enough to be in the position would gladly pay a premium price for the added view.

Tiny Red Nightie

The title of this one pretty much says it all.  It’s a pretty normal video when it comes to TikTok content, but still nice to watch Eva shake it all for fans, and anyone else lucky enough to stumble upon her content.

Thicker Than Jessica Rabbit

Eva Savagiou

When we first saw this image, one thing instantly popped into our heads, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and even Jessica Rabbit would be impressed.  That may not be the exact idea Eva Savagiou was going for in this photo, but fans of the movie and this model are left drooling for more.

Bouncing “Dukes Of Hazzard” Style

If you’re a fan of hot thick girls wearing super tight clothes, then you’re sure to love this video of Eva.  Wearing a nice and tight white shirt and smaller than small Daisy Dukes, she shows us that even thick thigh girls can have that awesome thigh gap too.

Making Every Inch Of Her Body Move

Wearing Daisy Dukes again in this video, fans get to enjoy Eva switching her hips back and forth like a pro.  It always gets our blood running when you get views of the rear from the front.  As she intensely shakes her hips in this video, there are moments where her ample rear can be seen swinging into view leaving us wanting more.