Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Eva Savagiou

Eva Savagiou loves to dance and shake her assets around for fans. Check out her latest uploads:

May Flowers

Eva Savagiou

Wearing a stunning light blue bikini with large flowers printed on it, Eva takes a mirror selfie with one hip popped out as she scratches her head. The top runs small – giving us a good peak at her cleavage while the bottoms sit high on her hips. She captions it ‘Happy May Day.’

Feeling Confident 

The video starts off with Eva in the kitchen as she walks toward us in patterned pants that flow at the bottom. She’s wearing a small crop t-shirt to show off her stomach and bouncing chest. Once she gets closer to the camera she waves her hands around and up over her head before twirling. 

Curvy Jiggles 

Once again in her living room, this time Eva’s wearing grey short shorts and a long sleeve blue crop top that ties up the front. She looks amazing as she brushes her hair off her face and then prances toward us jiggling as she moves. Once she gets closer she pops her hips back and forth.