Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Mila Sobolov

Mila Sobolov’s fans are full of questions and comments these days, and she’s more than happy to address them one at a time! Let’s see what her audience has been writing lately:

Prove To Us That It’s Pink

First up, a fans asks Mila to prove that it’s pink. We all know what he’s referring to! She responds by saying, “I know that when you commented that you weren’t expecting me to do it, but if you just give me one little second…” She proceeds to pull out her phone, grab the top of her pants, and step off camera for a moment. She comes back and zooms in very closely on the picture she just took, and then shows the camera a pink image. We’ll never know if it’s really a snap of her kitten, or perhaps just the pink wall behind her…You be the judge!

You Want Milk?

Up next a fan comments saying, “I was just looking for milk that taste like real milk.” Mila to the rescue! In a tiny white bra top and using her cutest voice, Mila addresses the request by saying, “You want milk? That’s easy. Why didn’t you just say that, silly?” She asks everyone to give her a second while she adjusts the camera. Suddenly a white liquid shoots up into the camera and Mila gives a surprised giggle before shutting the camera off.

Foopah Trend

Last up for today, a fan commented saying Mila would be perfect for the “foopah” trend on TikTok. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. She proceeds to tell the guys that he’s a little bit behind because she’s already created like ten other accounts where she does the trend!

Mila Discovering The Foopah Trend

One on of Mila’s other TikTok account she even shared a video of herself discovering the trend. She seems extremely excited about it, and captioned this post with, “If you can find them all you will have seen every square inch of me lol.” Time to start searching!