Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Monica Vargas is a Colombian influencer who’s popular on TikTok, Instagram and OnlyFans. With her long red hair and colorful arm tattoo, she charms her audiences by posing in her underwear or by popping her booty. 

Rear View Shakes 

Monica is wearing a fitted pink dress that shows off her curves. She starts the camera then places it on the ground – angled up. She then turns around and sticks her butt out – showing off its perkiness. She slightly opens her legs and then slowly dances back and forth. She looks amazing and you’ll probably want to watch this one more than once!

Booty Pops

Monica doesn’t waste any time in this next video; wearing a sexy black mini skirt – as soon as the clip starts she shakes her booty quickly from side to side. She then rotates it slowly for the camera before popping it up and down. The whole time she’s looking at the camera and its clear she loves the song playing. 

The last video starts off showing Monica’s black skirt and belly button. As the camera slowly pans up we see a peek of her white underwear (sexy)! There’s club music playing and she’s slowly moving back and forth. The camera stops at her chest, and while we don’t see her entire face, we see enough of it that we can see her smiling. Thanks for showing off your club look!