Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Arina Balerina

Arina Balerina is living her best life on the slopes. Sporting bathing suits in freezing temps, Arina and her snowbird friends love to go snowboarding in next to nothing! This l0oks absolutely freezing, but hella fun and exhilarating! These videos are so cool to watch and despite these brave gal pals minding their own business, haters are popping up left and right! Arina is keeping a positive attitude though, and is thankfully continuing to share these epic clips!

Snowy Superheroes!

Here we see Arina and one of her girlfriends with bare legs and booty cheeks ripping down the mountain. One thing we don’t see is goosebumps! Arina has said that they only feel cold the first two minutes, and then once they get going, it doesn’t feel as freezing as it looks!

Arina’s Fans Say The Haters Needs To Shut Up!

There are always going to be trolls on social media…Some are saying that these amazing women are doing this just for the attention, but Arina’s fans will always have her back! Here we see her and her fellow snowboarding hottie having a blast, giving fans a chilly little dance. Keep going ladies!

It’s Normal In Colorado

In this snowy clip a fan says that haters need to know this is a normal thing in Colorado. How awesome is that?? We’re loving these videos and agree that the haters need to take a seat. We see our snowbirds doing another pre-boarding dance – maybe this is how they warm up before a ride? Their colorful suits look beautiful against the stark white background and they ride.

Arina Balerina’s Quick Costume Change

In this last share we see the fully-clothed pair go inside, and quickly pop back out in their swim suits! We love the audio overlay on this one. As the video plays we hear, “Whatever they decided I couldn’t do…is exactly what I did.”, and then we see Arina and her friend zooming through the snow on their boards. We can’t wait to see what this group of cold-blooded friends get into next!