Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Fish Huntress Amy

Fish Huntress Amy is always out on her boat fishing. With post after post of fishing content, we never get tired of seeing Amy reel it in. Let’s check her out:

From 1-10

Captioned ‘On scale on 1-10 rate this fish for eating?’ Amy holds up a pinkish-looking fish for the camera as she smiles wide. She’s wearing white crocs, fishing gloves and a tiny red bikini. Even though she’s got on a hat and sunnies we can see some tan lines and it looks like her fit figure might even already be burning – Someone needs to pass her some lotion!

Cinematic Fishing

This next video starts off with Amy casting her rod deep out into the calm sea. She’s got on her white crocs, a black bikini and a fishing belt. The camera’s angled behind her so we see her jiggle as she sends her line way out. The camera spans closer and we see her slowly reel in her rod. Well done!

Struggle Catch 

Amy is wearing a blue bikini and is struggling hard to reel in her catch. It must be something big because we can see her arm muscles flexing as she fights with the rod to keep it under control. Her dog must be concerned too because he comes to the boat’s side to grab a glimpse of all the commotion. At one point, Amy gets the catch closer and she moves positions so we have a side view of her. She’s still giving it her all when she says ‘ahh,’ and we realize that the fish got away. She captions the video ‘what feelings do you get when this happens?’