Sun. May 28th, 2023
Fish Huntress Amy

Fish Huntress Amy is at it again – out fishing on her boat and trying to reel anything she can in. Check out her latest catches: 

Something Big 

Amy is ready for the big catch and looks the part as she stands at the head of the boat looking out into the deep blue sea. She’s got on a sombrero, fishing gloves, a belt, white crocs and a red string bikini. As she glazes in the sun she holds a fishing rod in one hand and slowly bends down. We never see her face and she captions the video ‘something big is coming.’ 

Fish ID

Hanging out on her boat, Amy’s got on blue bikini bottoms and a tight t-shirt. She’s wearing a hat , gloves and her sunnies as she holds a medium size brown fish up to the camera. She asks ‘can anyone give me a fish id on this one?’ While several comments give suggestions – we are not sure which one is correct – but still love her interactions with her fans. 

Who Would Eat This For Dinner

In the same blue bikini and tight shirt as the last video, Amy is being filmed reeling in a fish. She stands with one leg grounded in front of her as she pulls and tugs away at her rod with her little doggy looking on. Eventually, after lots of tugging, she says oh ‘it’s a big one.’ However, as the fish comes into view she recorrects herself saying ‘it’s not that big actually.’ She then reels him up and holds the fish to show off her catch.