Sun. May 28th, 2023
Fish Huntress Amy

Fish Huntress Amy is sharing some new fishing spots, some new catches, and of course some great ocean shots! Let’s check out her latest uploads:

Secret Spot

Wearing a dark blue bikini paired with sunglasses and a baseball cap, Amy’s holding the camera in selfie mode. She smiles and moves the camera around in a circle so we can get a glimpse of the beautiful tropical blue ocean behind her. The shot then pans out to show two fishing boats hanging out around a coral reef. The clip then jumps back to show Amy again.  Everything looks so dreamy and blue – including Amy! 

Struggle Street

Pictured in her blue bikini and a leopard print wrap, Amy’s being filmed reeling if something big. She’s got her feet firmly planted, and is trying to pull her catch closer to the boat, as the group with her cheers her on. Everyone’s laughing – including Amy – as she struggles to bring it up. Eventually we see the fish and it is huge! She poses with it, happy with her catch!

Cowboy Casting

Amy holds the camera facing her so we can see her black bikini, sunglasses, and black cowboy hat, along with the scenery behind her. Besides her wonderful figure, we see the driver behind her and the beautiful glassy water. She captions it ‘Who else loves glass outs 60mile out at the reef?