Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Vicky Stark

Vicky Stark LOVES to fish! This popular TikTok creator already has 187K followers on the platform and she’s not slowing down any time soon. A self proclaimed “3rd Generation Miamian”, Vicky enjoys sharing all of her sexy, exciting fishing adventures! Here are some of her coolest catches, and hottest looks

Vicky Stark Wants To Know If He’s Big Enough

Here we see the spunky Vicky Stark fresh after a dive! She’s hitting up the Florida Keys in this fun share. This video is all about how to measure lobsters for lobster season, and Vicky is here to show us the ropes. In a skimpy leopard print bikini and camouflage hat, she holds the lobster in her left hand and measuring tool in her right. This guy is big enough, but how would YOU measure up? 😂

Reviving And Releasing

Up next we see a super cool video of Vicky reviving and releasing her first Sailfish! She knows how to hold her own, even when it comes to a new challenge. While the fish is breathtaking, we’re all just trying to get a better look at Vicky’s perky booty in floral print as she leans over the side. Her skin is freshly sun-kissed from her day out on the water, as we can clearly see the hot pink on arms, back, and thighs. A successful, sexy release! Nice job, Vicky!

Bowfishing Bikini Badass!

Can Vicky get any more badass? She’s a Jane-of-all-trades that’s for sure…Today we’ve seen her measuring lobsters, releasing a giant Sailfish, and now here she is in a bikini bowfishing! Standing in the boat with bow in hand, we see Vicky aiming at the lily pads in the water. Suddenly, something catches her eye to the left and she readjusts her aim. She shoots! She scores! We score too…score a great view of her tight hiney! As she reels the Tilapia towards the boat, we get to watch her amazing body in action. Check out the video below and see for yourself!