Sun. May 28th, 2023
Hannah Pearson

Hannah Pearson is at it again – lifting and shaping her already strong body! In some new posts, she shows off her bootylicious buns, strong thighs and back. Let’s check her out:

Getting Ready For The Gym 

In a pre-gym video, Hannah shares what she normally does before she heads off for a workout. The video starts off with her wearing track pants and a cute black tank top as she pulls up the blinds. From there we see her putting on her face cream, some makeup and then throwing on cute purple shorts that show off her round rump! She walks out the door with confidence. 

Small Zip Jacket 

All set in her gym gear, Hannah’s got on her workout shorts, sports bra, shoes and headphones. She’s added a cute small zip jacket that she zips up and then turns sideways to model it. She looks great and it’s only when she turns sideways that we can really see her drastic leg and booty muscles. She’s one strong lady! 

Glute Day 

It’s glute day again in the gym and Hannah walks us through her intense weight workout with some fun commentary. Not only is it cute to hear her Australian accent, but we love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Watch her as she squats with huge weights, then adds more weight, grabs her straps, takes her shoes off and has a cameo of her friend! She continues to push her limits – very motivating!