Sun. May 28th, 2023
Hannah Pearson

Hannah Pearson loves to workout and share her fitness journey with her fans. Check out her latest uploads:

Sexy Backs

Wearing light green shorts and a white bra, Hannah’s at the gym wearing matching white runners and big white headphones. She immediately sits down at a machine and grabs two bars and pulls them down. She’s working her back muscles out and we can see all the definition as she does. She captions it ‘sexy backs are elite.’

Gym Outfits 

Pre gym workout, we see Hannah at home while she shows us her big drawer of tights, sports bra and white runners. She selects a few items and throws them on, modeling her perky cheeks and toned abs in the mirror. The text over the video reads ‘let’s go to the gym,’ and the caption says ‘Cute gym fits make you lift heavier.’ 

Happy Glutting

It’s not secret that Hannah loves to work on her glutes. In a new tutorial we see her at the gym in gray shorts and a matching sports bra. She’s speaking into a microphone as she tells us that today is glute day and it’s going to be absolutely brutal. A friend then appears who is nervous to start the workout with Hannah. From there, we see Hannah as she goes through her glute regime, and it’s tiring just to watch! Well done!