Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sofia Blux

TikTok Influencer Sofia Blux, who goes by YogaWithSofia on the platform, uploaded FIVE new videos to her account last night! These posts combined racked up over 398K new likes!

Sofia Blux Says Focus On Mobility

Sofia shared that spine mobility is super important, and proceeded to film herself doing Scorpion Kicks. We agree that these are good for the back, but these videos are also good for the eyes! Fan went gaga over the camera angle used. Sofia’s buttcheeks are the main focus of this upload. Her tiny, black booty shorts are barely visible and she twists and turns her legs from one side to the other. 

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Sofia Blux Likes Doggie Style Asanas

Here Sofia asks fans what their favorite yoga asanas are. I think we can all agree it’s the one she’s going in this video! Okay, so in all actuality she’s doing Uttana Shishosana, or Extended Puppy Pose, but we can say with confidence most people are seeing this as straight doggy style! Sofia gives the camera a quick smile before turning over and putting her face down and a** up. 

Sofia Blux Has Balance And Stamina

Up next we have Sofia in a similar position as the last video. She’s on all fours atop her green, floral yoga mat rocking back and forth towards the camera. Her sit bones are wide open, perfectly positioned and toned. She alternates her flow from front to back a few times before sitting back on her heels. We catch a quick glimpse of her red toenail polish before the video ends.

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Sofia Blux Spreads Wide In Classic Crotch Shot

The next video in the series from last night shows Sofia facing the camera this time. She grabs her left foot and pulls it high up into the air, giving us all that signature crotch shot we adore. She proceeds to wrap her leg before her shoulder before giving the camera a huge grin. With her hand still on her leg, she twirls her toes in circles showing off her matching mani-pedi. 

Sofia Blux Gives A Buttcheek Jiggle

In the final video Sofia is back to booty shots, at least to start. The post begins with her standing up tall, She starts the sequence with her fingers laced behind her back. Sofia does a quick heel raise causing her booty to jiggle before she leans over, placing her hands on the ground. She goes down onto her forearms and then proceeds to lift her leg up and over her body. Ms. Blux captioned this video with, “Yoga Time” and set the text overlay to say, “Engage your muscles.”

While we’re sure most people come for her hot body, we hope some stay for the actual yoga! She’s a great example of how doing yoga can absolutely keep you fit! Regardless, we’re here for it ALL! And don’t forget, Sofia DOES have Exclusive OnlyFans Content!!!