Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Franceska Fournier

Model Francesca Fournier shows off her incredibly toned body while giving some dating advice. It’s safe to assume that she’s been burned in the past, but she’s making it clear that she’s not taking any bullsh*t anymore. Here’s a roundup of her bikini-posing advice clips:

Bathroom Selfie With A Bit of Advice 

Francesca stands in front of a bathroom mirror in a bright fluorescent bikini. Her bathroom selfie shows off her toned flat stomach. She gives off a girl-next-door vibe. 

She captions the video with advice saying, “my mama says that going back to your ex is like watching a movie again and expecting a different ending.” She admits that that comment hit her hard, and we’re happy to hear she’s not gonna suffer more heartache.

My Standards – Bye! 

Continuing with her breakup theme, in this clip, Francesca poses in a black, sheer bikini cover-up while outside on a balcony. She captions the video ‘if your ex texts you what’s up – just respond with my standards – bye!’ She twirls around in the video giving us a great shot of her peachy rear. 

Coming Into Her Confidence 

Here we see Francesca modeling an orange bikini. She looks perfectly sun-kissed and the lighting shows off her long legs. She’s radiating confidence and she must feel pretty good too, because she captions the clip “when they start being distant but you don’t fight for anyone to stay anymore.”