Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Innocently sexy Francesca Fournier shows off her fit body and gives fans some sassy tips. With more than 3.3M likes on TikTok, Francesca loves to share behind the scenes clips along with motivational reminders. Let’s check out what’s been on her mind lately:


Sitting in a hot tub wearing a colorful bikini, Franceska smiles at the camera and plays with her hair before turning around and walking to the other side of the tub. Her bikini bottoms ride up her bum so that we see her cheeks separated while she leans out over the side. The video is captioned “Always remember someone’s effort is a reflection of their interest in you.” Good reminder! 

Perky Promotions

Showing off her cabin vibe, Franceska walks down the stairs wearing lounge pants and a sexy white turtle neck. Don’t worry though – we still get to see some skin as the top fits just below her boobs – showing off her amazing abs. Plus, it also has an oval cut into it so that we can see her boobs popping out. She’s promoting the energy drink ‘bang energy’ as she poses and drinks around the cabin. 

No Girl Can Make Me Jealous

Chilling in a sports bra, Franceska looks divine and pure as she pans the camera around her upper body and innocently smiles. She’s wet and looks like she just got out of the ocean. The caption overtop of the video reads ‘Mark my words, no girl can make me jealous over a man I’ve previously been with because let me tell you, if he was worth keeping, I’d have him.” Whoever she’s talking to – careful – her cat claws are coming out!