Sun. May 28th, 2023
Frankie LaPenna

With more videos view on his TikTok account than some major TV news networks, Frankie LaPenna is turning heads with his hilarious clips that are almost all making fun of his big booty. Let’s check him out: 

An Introduction To Frankie 

In a video compilation of some of Frankie’s best butt clips, the audio summarizes what Frankie is all about and how he’s managed to get 6 billion views on his funny comedy sketches. Frankie captions it ‘and I’m just getting started.’ 

Booty Punch 

In this first video, Frankie is inside a wrestling cage with a big tattooed man. The man punches him and Frankie quickly climbs up the wall of the ring so he’s squatting at the top – with his huge booty sticking out. The other man stares up in fear. Frankie then jumps back and in slow motion squishes them with his rear.

Wide Load 

This video is shot from a car as it slowly passes a transportation truck with a side that reads ‘wide load.’ We then see Frankie who is ‘tied down’ from his hands and standing in the middle – the wide load being his big old caboose!