Sun. May 28th, 2023
Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett is a corky, easy-going chick with a fun accent! While her videos are cute and comical, she’s also gorgeous and unique. Check her out: 

Cozy On The Couch

Demi Burnett

Kneeling on a white couch with her hands placed in front of her, Demi’s got on loose black pants and a black crop top. She smiles wide at the camera and captions the photo swipe to see my couch tricks 😎 I think sitting like this is so weirdly comfortable. Anyone else?’ While she certainly does look comfortable we also love her living space with her colorful pillows and wall ornaments. 

Red Bangs

Showing off her new red bangs, Demi sits in front of the camera with grey glasses on and her hand on her chin. After a few seconds she says ‘I didn’t expect it to be so cute, I’ll give it that much!’ She then says mmmmm and smiles wide. We love them too Demi! 

Heel Click

Wearing a hot pink dress that fits loosely (it looks more like a jacket with two side holes in it that reveal Demi’s bare skin underneath), Demi’s got on high black boots and her hairs half up in two buns. As she spins around and shows fans her groovy look, the text and her voiceover says ‘take it in, take it in, eat it up. This is me – can I do a heel click? Sure.’ She then proceeds to jump up and click her heels together. She continues by saying, ‘Can I do another one? Sure!’ and does another one. From there, the video continues as she dances around to her own funny and random commentary while her fluffy dog watches from the staircase.