Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Gabi Conejo

TikTok sensation Gabi Conejo, or Gabi Rabbit, has 1M followers on her main account, and over 7M likes on her videos. She loves to dance and we love to watch. Here are some of her sexiest shares!

Gabi Conejo

Gabi Conejo Pops That Booty

First up we see Gabi in a tiny black bikini top and tight jean shorts. Her ta-tas are spilling out, giving fans some delightful underboob action. She whips her ridiculously long brown hair out of the way so that the camera can capture her poppin’ that junk in her trunk. She thumps her cheeks to the beat, laughs, smiles, and sticks her tongue out before the video ends.

No Face, Just Waist

In this delicious video Gabi is highlighting her tight, tan body and perfectly placed tattoos. Rocking the same outfit as in the last video, it’s the perfect ensemble for showcasing that bod! The camera slowly pans up and stops just short of showing Gabi’s face.

Bikinis And Belly Rings

Gabi is gyrating her hips in this video, with her hair in a seductive updo and her belly ring on fleek! We’re loving the sexy straps across her back and peeking out of her jean shorts. Here is what fans had to say in the comments about her lean, tight body and the way she rattles her tight behind:

“Wow nice tattoos”

“wow honey xxxx”

“good lord 😅”

“Holy smokes”

“Easy on the tattoos! You have beautiful skin”

“Enticingly beautiful 😍😍💯💯🔥🔥”