Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Gabriela Moura, TikTok’s dancing beauty took to the platform once again, baring her chiseled midriff in a tiny white crop top and sweats. She looked so good in her comfy yet sexy outfit. Teasing us with her fluid hip movement, she playfully combs over her hair to the side.

We can’t get enough of Gabi’s dancing videos!

Tie Dye To Die For

In a skin tight tie dye dress displaying her flawless curves and paired with a leather jacket, the Brazilian babe dances still with only hand movements. It’s when she turns around and gives us the perfect side view of her juicy bottom where our jaws DROPPED.

“It’s growing’ said one comment from a very excited fan.

Obsessed With Who?

In a lip sync video, Gabriela’s hourglass figure is all we are paying attention to. Although Gabi admits she’s obsessed with us in this clip, we think she got it twisted! With her hands placed across her tiny waist, we are the ones obsessed with her!

Let’s be honest, we had to watch this one a few times!

Green Is Her Color

Titled “música de magic mike” we wonder where her night on the town was about to be spent!

About to head out, Gabriela gave us a quick peek at her gorgeous outfit. Glowing in a green dress carrying a tiny black bag on her shoulder, she seduces the camera with her eyes. Bent over and giving us a view of her ta-tas, the TikTok star makes us wish we were so lucky!