Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Gabriela Moura

Gabriela Moura is a Brazilian babe who has 1M Instagram followers and more than 250M likes on TikTok. With her big coconuts, tanned skin and curvy hips, she captivates fans by posing in bikinis and filming dance clips. 

Innocently Groovin’

Wearing a tight black dress that hugs her big muffins, Gabriela lip-syncs and dances to Boy’s a Liar.  Her cheeks are rosy and she looks passionately and innocently at the camera as she sings, pouts and shows off her amazing curves. 

Jean Jiggles

Although Gabriela is fully clothed in jeans and a short black t-shirt, her outfit emphasizes her small bare waist and thick thighs. She smiles at the camera before going into a song and dance that involves a lot of hip and booty shaking. When she turns halfway around, we can really see the size of her peachy buns as she shakes about.

Ready To Boogie

Gabriela looks stunning in a long grey skirt and matching tiny grey top that ties at the chest. The skirt has a huge slit in it – exposing her bare leg, while the top is so teeny that it’s practically a bra. She does some intense and fast dance moves and at one point puts her hands on her ta-tas and pushes them up. She then shakes her booty fast and does a bunch of sexy hip rotations. She times everything to the music playing and really gives it her all. Nice work!