Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Sierra Cabot

Sierra Cabot is popular gamer who shares her content on TikTok and Twitch. She’s amassed over 1.5M followers on Tiktok, and her videos currently have over 18.7M likes! We’ve combed through her account to find some of her hottest videos. Check them out below, and be sure to watch the hot teacher video at the very bottom!

She’s A Game Player Alright

She likes to play games, and not just video games, lol. Here we see the sexy Sierra laying down in her bed with tousled hair, wearing a tiny crop top. She lip syncs the audio: “Oh come on, I’m not playing any games with you…am I?” She gives a devilish smile at the very end.

A Fun Dance For Fans

Here we see Sierra wearing a tight white leotard riding high on her hips, and a pair of black sweatpants riding low. She shares a quick nine second dance in which she gives us a little bounce and jiggle. Sierra runs her hands up across her chest and smiles for fans before playfully bobbing off camera.

Athletes VS Gamers

Sierra is showing us two versions of underboob in this social share. In the first version you see the word “Athletes” at the top of the screen. She’s in a lovely, green long-sleeved shirt, but that’s about the extent of the top; it’s all sleeves and not much else! The bottom of her bosoms are peaking out of her shirt and her toned midriff is on full display. Sierra is standing quite still and looking rather bored. Then, the text changes to “Gamers”. The beat picks up and so does her body language. Sierra flashes a big smile and begins to dance with finger guns. Apparently the message here is that gamers are way more fun!

Hot For Teacher

Last, but certainly not least, Sierra is making us hot for teacher in this video! She shares what she would wear each day of the week if she were teaching, but with all the skin she’s showing we’re pretty sure she’d get sent to the Principal’s office! Which day of the week is YOUR favorite?