Sun. May 28th, 2023
Gary Vaynerchuk

With more than 15M TikTok followers and over 10M Instagram fans, Gary Vaynerchuk is famous for his positive personality and entrepreneur content. He’s always giving advice on how to create creative content that will grow. Let’s check out his latest thoughts:

Quality or Quantity 

Answering the question “Does quality or quantity matter more?” in regards to the volume of content output, Gary shares his insight with fans saying that he believes the winning formula is actually a mix of quality and quantity. He says it’s really the combo of the volume of content output and the thoughtful creative strategy; you can’t just put out loads of bad content. At the same time, you need to pump out lots of content in order to be discovered, which is where his combo advice comes in.

More Interest Than Followers

In this next clip Gary talks about how social media is changing and how algorithms are swinging more toward interest instead of followers. His advice? Make sure you’re stepping up your game with strategic organic creative. He then goes through all the major social media platforms and gives his future predictions of how their algorithms are going to act. 

Reminder: Nobody Owes You

In the last video, Gary sends out a reminder to his fans to stay real and be in control of your own happiness. The clip shows a roll of  toilet paper that reads ‘nobody owes you sh*t.’ He captions the video ‘If you wanna be happy and I mean really happy .. quit expecting sh*t from everybody else, and start expecting it from yourself! Happiness starts with YOU!!’