Sun. May 28th, 2023
Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac turns 30 and posts about how age doesn’t bother her and that she’s never felt sexier. Along with her birthday post, she uploads some funny TikTok videos where she’s looking just as fine! 

Birthday Girl

Paige Spiranac

Wearing a red swimsuit, that barely covers her girls, Paige looks like she just stepped off the set of Baywatch. She’s celebrating her 30th birthday and posing in front of a bunch of hazard stickers. She’s holding a hard helmet as she playfully smirks at the camera. Happy Birthday Paige – you’re like fine wine… you just keep getting better!

Not Wearing A Polo…

While most fans know Paige is not one for dress code, she makes sure its known by uploading a funny little clip that reads ‘when someone notices I’m not wearing a polo on a golf course.’ The clip shows the woman from Jurassic Park with her mouth wide open in shock before cutting to a photo of Paige in a revealing pink and white onesies grabbing her golf club. 

7-Iron Distance For Men

In this next video, Paige wears a white golf skirt and a braless halter top as she’s bent over lining up her shot. She then takes the shot and the text over the video lists the average 7-iron for men. As it disappears, she walks by smiling. Thanks for the informative video Paige!