Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Grace Charis

Golfer Great, Grace Charis, is always offering her fans the sexiest content. Whether it’s birdies, bogies, or braless posts, all eyes are on Grace! She’s adorable and entertaining in all forms of her content.

Grace Charis Is White Hot Heat

Is it summer yet? This video of Grace is giving all the hot golfing vibes. Her cute little smile beneath her visor is everything. Not to mention her bright, white crop top and blue skort. Skort? Does anyone even use that term anymore? Skirt with shorts underneath for those of you that don’t know. The music, the strobe light effect, and her BODY make us feel all the things in this clip.

The Charis Twist

That twist, that jiggle…is there anything else like it? Here we see Grace in blue crop top, sans bra and a pair of black shorts. The way her cleavage bubbles up over her shirt in that second slow-motion clip is pure gold and the way her torso twists is pure athleticism! We have no doubt she’s below par on this course.

Her Ball Matches

In this mini video, Grace’s ball matches her outfit – how cool is that?! She’s so on point with her outfits and skills. This black and aqua pairing of her attire is extremely pleasing to the eye. She swings! She celebrates! She bounces! This clip have everything we need.

Grace Charis Is About To Bust!

Last up we see this golfing goddess putting everything into her swing. She starts out cute and carefree as always, squatting down to tee off. Then we see a closeup as she lets go…holding her breath and revealing a gut-wrenching face as she knocks her ball into next year! Go ahead, Grace! All the while, freeing the nip – which is our favorite part.