Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Grace Charis

Grace Charis is an American golfer, Instagram personality, TikTok influencer, and OnlyFans star.  She currently has 900K followers on Instagram and houses over 2.7M followers and 46.5M likes on TikTok.  Whether you’re a fan of golf or a fan of beautiful women, Grace has you covered on both ends with her sporty content.  Be sure to check out Grace trying to catch up to her cart and not lose her top at the bottom of this article!

Grace Charis Shows Off Her Perfect Form

@graceeecharisss Power on the golf swing #golf #fypシ #foryoupage #sports ♬ son original – Teen_Wolf_fan_86

Digging in and squaring up her hips, Grace shows off her swing in this slow-motion video.  With such a perfect golf form, she is surely one of our favorite golf course beauties.

Grace Charis Bombs It Down The Fairway

@graceeecharisss Golfing into 2023 🥰 #k18results #fyp #golf #foryoupage ♬ FUCK ABOUT IT (feat. blackbear) – Waterparks

In this video Grace starts by rolling up in her golf cart to tee off at the next hole.  Quickly checking her range finder, she selects the appropriate club, grabs her ball and steps up to attempt her drive.  In a quick slow motion shot of her opening drive it becomes apparent by her “O” face that she has crushed this one down the fairway.

Grace Charis Is A Golf Course Cutie

@graceeecharisss I can be your shoulder to cry on 😜#HolidayOREOke #fyp #foryoupage #golf ♬ original sound – lucia &lt3

Let’s see what some of Grace’s fans are saying about her and her golfing game:

“Suddenly I love golf”

“Perfect swing 😍”

“That smile 😍😍😍”

“If I’m being honest it was a good swing and good form”

Grace Charis Frantically Chases After Her Runaway Golf Cart

@graceeecharisss Don’t leave me behind 🥹 #golf #fyp #golfgirl #foryoupage ♬ Can Can – Rias Orchestra & Helmuth Brandenburg

This video is by far one of Grace’s most popular posts with a whopping 57.7M views and 5.7M likes.  She starts by walking next to her golf cart which appears to be on the move.  Things quickly turn south when the cart speeds up a bit, putting Grace into a frantic trot to keep up!  As she runs faster to try to keep up, Grace makes a couple attempts to grab onto the run away cart! She eventually ends up having to slow down so that she doesn’t fall out of her top, but ends up losing her hat. We see it blow off her head as the video ends. If you want to see her more exclusive content, head on over to her OnlyFans account!