Sun. May 28th, 2023
Paige Spiranac

Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac is great at teasing and making fun of her sexy side while also keeping it real and sharing her expertise with us: golf. In some new TikTok videos she does all of those things and has us in awe and smiling! Let’s check out her latest posts: 

All Boobs And No Brains 

Poking fun of herself, Paige sits on a bed wearing a white dress with pink cherries all over it and her bangs pulled back off her face. The text over the video reads ‘I’m glad you’re not one of those girls who oversexualizes themselves online.’ Paige then responds by mouthing along to an audio saying ‘Oh heck no. Those girls are all boobs and no brains. I’m too busy in the library reading books with dust on them.’ Great acting skills Paige!

Driver Tips 

In a quick tutorial video, Paige gives tips on how to hit the ball farther. Using her inside golf simulator she lines herself up and then tells us to tee the ball higher, hit it inside out and swing to tempo. She demonstrates it perfectly and sends the ball flying – 288 yards! The comments are full of amazement and congratulations. 

Quick Transformation

With her hair up and in a pink tank top, Paige lip-syncs and then brings the camera close to her and then further away for a few beats. On the last beat she transforms and has her hair curled and down and is wearing a white halter top. Beautiful!