Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

A new site called GoodBadBreaking has been causing quite a stir online. The women-owned and operated company recently went viral, becoming an overnight success when it comes to sharing the hottest influencer content.

With a clean look and easy to use interface, GBB sends their audience into an infinite scrolling experience of the hottest influencers on the internet. From well-known names like Carmen Electra to lesser-known up-and-comers like Sarah Gallons the site went from thousands of page views into the millions – all within 24 hours!

“Why waste time by Googling the sexiest women on the planet, when GoodBadBreaking does the work for you?”, one fan wrote – and it’s a valid point! With fresh content daily and posts being distributed almost every hour on Facebook, GBB is taking the legwork out of locating these beautiful women and is delivering a curated list to their audience.

Since going viral, GoodBadBreaking’s inbox has been flooded with influencers and bikini models looking to be featured on the site. “We absolutely encourage women to reach out!”, one of GBB’s staff members said.

With a ticker at the top of the page, similar to what you’d typically find running along the bottom of your tv screen when watching the news, you’re able to see all of their latest posts. There’s even an option to subscribe for newcomers, so that you get a notification on your phone every time a new “Hottie” is published.

While we’ve seen other websites pepper in bikinis here and there amongst their every day content, this is the first site that has made it their main focus. Even Sports Illustrated has diluted their feed with Fantasy Football and updates on the French Open.

If you want to strictly see gorgeous women, who want to be seen, then GoodBadBreaking is the place to be.

So, the question is: Do YOU GBB?