Mon. Mar 27th, 2023
Grace Boor

With more than 10M likes on her TikTok videos, Grace Boor is a beach babe who uploads on the reg. With her curves and giant bust, fans love to watch her model bikinis and hop around. 

Teeny Tiny Bikini 

Standing on a beach posing and smirking at the camera, Grace shows off her hourglass figure in a barely there leopard print bikini. The top just covers her nipples – exposing her upper and lower boobs (we think if she ran they’d fall out)! The bottoms tie high around her waist, leaving just a small piece of triangle fabric covering her cha-cha. Plus, to accentuate her hips she pulls it up even more and then does a few hops and fixes her hair. Yeowza!

Ready To Tan

The video starts with Grace bent down looking at the camera and shaking her tanning spray. She’s wears a tiny black bikini and her coconuts are ripe and stealing the show. We can see the edges of her nips sneaking out. She then stands up to show her entire body as she shows us her tanning spray and starts spritzing it all over herself. She finishes with a little wiggle! 

Bathroom Vibes 

This time wearing a white bikini, Grace takes a bathroom selfie as she models it. For some reason the white top, which granted is tiny, makes her naturally large ta-tas look even bigger! She zooms in a bit for us to get a better look.