Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
Grace Boor

TikTok influencer Grace Boor is making eye contact with fans in one of her newest videos.  The social media queen has over 1.2M followers on her main TikTok account, and even has a backup account for sexy bikini shares! We love both, but today we’re taking a look at the one with the least amount of clothing…

Grace Boor’s Perky Palm Trees

Grace’s newest video on her backup account shows her showering outdoors in the cutest bikini. The camera slowly gets closer and closer, and in doing so we get a great view of those perky palm trees! Grace never makes eye contact with the camera, but rather focuses on wetting her long, dark hair.

Extreme Eye Contact

Now here’s some eye contact! Grace pops up out of the pool and immediately locks eyes with you in this sultry share. Her green bikini top is barely holding her chest in, as water drips down her body. After slicking her hair back, Grace smooshes her bosoms together and leans on the side of the pool.  A cute smile, then the video cuts off.

Crocheted Magic

In this video Grace Boor is wearing a bikini which looks like it’s made out of crocheted doilies. You know, those fancy table napkins you might see at your grandmother’s house? Well, we’re glad these are on Grace’s body, and not under a bowl of mashes potatoes! She’s on her knees giving us some serious eye candy. Grace leans forward towards the end of the video and presses her boobs together with her arms. Did anyone else just faint?