Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Grace Charis

Our hilarious golfer, Grace Charis, is taking swings again in a series of new videos where she shows fans what she’s good at! Let’s dive in:

Slow Motion Swing 

Wearing a black miniskirt and a short blue tank top, Grace has her visor on, and she’s taking a slow motion swing. What does this mean? Since she’s not wearing a bra, we get to see her perky melons as they bounce around in all their glory.

Cold Weather Nips

Grace is swinging her golf club again – only this time she’s braless in an orange tank top. The clip starts off showing her choosing a club and stretching the club over her shoulders before taking a swing. Once again the actual shot of her hitting the ball is slowed down so we see her tots jiggling about. 


Proving she knows what she’s talking about, Grace tells her fans she’s on hole 6 with 140 yards to the pin. She then swings (braless of course) and gets close. She tries again – this time popping it onto the green before telling us what club she likes and hitting it in. She captions it Par-fect and proves to her haters that she’s a pro!