Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023
Grace Charis

Grace Charis is keeping a steady flow of content coming for her 2.8M fans on TikTok! Today we’re sharing her latest three videos which include things like the new album cover trend, slow-motion takes, and of course golf! However there is one thing these videos do not contain, and that’s a bra.

Slow-Motion Golf Swings

Up first we have Grace showing off her slow-motion golf swings, and as she states in her caption, they are unmatched! She’s freeing the nip here, as usual and we’re here for it! The women on our GBB team agree that bras are so over-rated…

Everything You Do CAN And SHOULD Be Album Cover, Grace

Up next we see Grace taking part in the new “Proof that not everything can be an album cover” trend.  But we disagree! Each of the shots in this video absolutely could and should be album covers. Grace nails it every time! Each one showcases her sexiness and athletic ability.

Grace Charis In Lime Green Is Delightful

Lastly, Grace is seen sporting a lime green, long-sleeved crop top paired with a short skirt; one of her signature looks! She’s quite pleased with herself, flashing a huge grin after hitting the ball. Again, zero bra here. Imagine how freeing each swing must feel! Go ahead, Grace!