Sun. May 28th, 2023
Grace Charis

Grace Charis has some great new posts where we get to see her back when she was young – along with some recent shots of her sending it on the green! Check out this golf hottie:  

Now Vs. Then 

The video starts off by showing a photo of Grace in 2015. She looks really young and is smiling with her glasses on her head and a big backpack on. She’s in an oversized t-shirt and stands beside a display. Then a video cuts in and shows Grace today – wearing a halter top with no bra on as she swings her club in slow motion. Let’s be thankful she began golfing! 

Let’s Hit Some Golf Balls 

Grace is standing in her golf stance: legs open and hands on her club, as she looks off into the distance getting ready to take her shot. She’s wearing the same dark blue top as the previous video and we can see she’s a bit cold. She then hits her golf ball with a lot of force, and since the clip is in slow motion we can see her jiggling girls in all their glory! 

The Best Golf Compilation 

This next video is by far one of Grace’s greatest as it complies a bunch of her slow motion clips – giving us a replay of all of her braless outfits and powerful hits. The first clip shows Grave bent over in her blue halter top before switching to her in an orange, pink and then red one. From there we see her in the same looks but this time smashing the golf ball. Powerful stuff Grace!